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Angel does boudoir

Haaaaaay! I'm Angel Renee and I am the photographer behind Flashdoll Photography. Every now and then I get back in front of the camera. I do this for a few reasons...

1. Because, like everyone else, my self esteem needs some nurturing.

2. It's important for me to remember how it feels. Certain poses are incredibly difficult to hold and I need to experience it for myself if I expect my clients to do them.

3. My husband always appreciates the photos, so total bonus!

It's important for me to show my clients and followers that I don't just talk the talk, I actually walk the walk. I try to exude a sense of bravery by putting myself out there. The 40s are creeping up on me, I have imperfections, and struggle with my image just like everyone else. But I recognize the importance of self care and self love. I always tell my clients that our self esteems are like cars: they require maintenance... and it's SO true!

Boudoir sessions are unlike any other session. It is truly an experience that can alter the way you see and feel about yourself. These sessions are a celebration of your body now, in this moment. It is documentation of your journey, where you've come from and what you have endured.

If you are ready for the boudoir experience, please contact me.


Angel Renee

Flashdoll Photography

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