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Free SEO Checklist for photographers (and everyone else)

Bloody SEO! It's the bane of our existence but a huge factor in having a successful business. So... what exactly is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it's how clients who don't know about us, can find us.

Here's some steps you can do to improve yours!

(Tip: search keywords (not your business name) and see what page you land on Google. Consider this your starting line.)

Step 1:

Edit your homepage title in this format...

(What you're selling | where you are located | and the name of your website)

It should look something like this...

Boudoir Photography | Huntsville, AL | Flashdoll

Step 2:

Add a description to EVERY page on your site.

Step 3:

Edit your page information. Include your page name, location, and keywords.

Step 4:

Add social media links to your website.

Step 5:

Make sure ALL hyperlinks work.

Step 6:

Add meta tags! Do this for every page. Use a free meta tag generator to help.

Step 7:

Get found on Google. Most web hosting services, such as Wix, will have this feature built in. If not, you can always submit your website manually here.

Step 8:

Now that you've done the bare minimum for SEO, it's time to go the extra mile.

  • Blog, blog, blog. Websites that are updated more often are ranked higher by Google. I suggest writing blogs that are around 300 words or less and at least one blog that's 700-1000 words each month.

  • Submit to blogs! Having your website link on other relevant websites makes Google think you're the bomb dot com.

  • Stay relevant on social media and share your link often. I use Later to schedule post and it's seriously amazing. Once a month, I spend about one hour scheduling my posts for the next 30 days. Done AND done!

  • Add a favicon to your website! Finishing touches can go a long way.

Step 9:

Make sure your website previews are up to date for Facebook.

Does this ever happen to you? My preview image didn't show up at all and sometimes it's completely wrong all together. I'll show you how to fix it.

Use the Facebook debugger tool. Add the page address, click "debug", and then click "scrape" on the following page. Viola! Problem solved.

Step 10:

Pat yourself on the back and be patient! SEO isn't overnight magic. This is the long game. Keep working on it! Later on I'll teach you all more about marketing, remarketing, and Facebook and Google pixels. Stay tuned!

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