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Giving Back: Planting One Tree For Every Session Booked

As a business owner... as a human being... I think one of the most important things we can do is to give back. It doesn't matter how big or small. Just. Give. Back. Aside from the little good deeds I do, I try to do a few charitable events each year.

This year, I partnered with One Tree Planted and I now plant one tree for every session booked.

Thanks to my amazing clients, I've had nearly 50 trees planted to help reforest parts of California that were affected by wildfires. Ya'll! FIFTY TREES! We did that!

When you support my small business, you support so much more. I'd like to challenge each of you to go to One Tree Planted and plant one tree. If you do, please comment below. While this act may seem so small, together we can do something big.

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