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How I made an iron throne

So let me start off by saying I have been planning this for a long time. Over a year and a half to be exact. I had researched how others were making their DIY Iron Thrones and needless to say, I wasn't exactly impressed. Most people were making them out of lawn chairs and foam swords. I knew if I was going to do this, I'd want it to be legit.

After having a half ass plan, I started stalking Facebook marketplace for the perfect chair. It needed to be made of wood and I was preferring something with a high back. Ya'll. I found it! And I snagged this beauty for only $10! Would you believe these pulpit thrones retail for $600+?!

Once I found my chair, it was time to go sword shopping! I was looking for plastic knight swords... mostly long but some shorter ones too. I spent weeks searching and was able to find the perfect swords from Kole Imports. The swords were on clearance and I was able to get over $800 worth of swords for $150.

Season 7 had just ended and now it was time to wait....

Season 8 began and so it was time to start building my throne. After a few trips to Home Depot, I had everything I needed. I used a simple staple gun to attach the largest swords. My priority was building the fan first.

I kept adding, layer by layer. I studied the original throne and noticed that many of the swords were woven together so I aimed to achieve that same look. I also drilled holes into the sides of the arms and installed some rope handles. Serious lifesaver!

The plastic swords were really easy to bend and wrap around the arms of the chair. I also stuck some spare sword handles and smaller swords in various places and secured them with some gorilla glue.

I added some extra swords on the front to create a shape inspired by the original. I had to be cautious about the size to ensure I would be able to transport it through narrow doorways. I used some wall putty and smeared it in different places to create texture and depth.

Now it was time to paint! I mostly used Rust-Oleum Forged Hammer spray paint in Dark Bronze but I also used a touch of Burnished Amber.

Okay... now she's looking like the throne that I had imagined!

With time and patience, you can also build your own Iron Throne. I'm currently using mine for Game of Thrones mini sessions.

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