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Light Painting Tutorial

If you are new to light painting portraits, here's a quick tutorial for you to follow so you too can create these amazing portraits!

For these particular style of portraits, we will be using the black fiber optic light brush that you can purchase here.

I added colored gels at the end of the flashlight like so.

Step 1:

Set your camera on a tripod. Your settings may vary, but a good starting point is SS 10 seconds, f/16, ISO 200

Step 2:

With the lights on, pose your client and focus on them. Once you focus, switch your focus to manual.

Step 3:

Lights out! I use black out curtains. The darker, the better!

Step 4:

You'll need to use a wireless shutter release to prevent camera shake. Stand to the side of your client and release the shutter.

Step 5:

Once the shutter is released, fan the fiber optics out and gently drag across your clients skin. I personally try to only drag over the same place once as to not expose that area more than once (this can create blur). If you are capturing your clients face, be sure to have them close their eyes and communicate with them while you are working.

that's it! you have now created your first light painting portrait!

Get my Light Painting Preset for FREE here!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please feel free to make a donation.

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