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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

On April 16th, Maggi came to by studio for a boudoir session (She's also a reeeeeally amazing and talented makeup artist, btw). During this session, I ventured away from my usual cookie cutter workflow and the results were nothing less than magical. Here's what Maggi had to say about her session...

How were you feeling prior to your session? What were you expecting?

"I was super nervous but also extremely excited. I had just randomly gained 10 pounds out of nowhere so I wasn’t feeling my skinniest but I’ve done boudoir shoots in the past and knew that Angel would make me feel amazing regardless so I was very eager to work with her."

How would you rate your comfort level throughout the experience?

"5 out of 5 for sure!"

What was your impression of Angel Renee, the photographer for Flashdoll?

"I was a little nervous at first showing her the outfits I brought; scared she would hate them all! Lol! But had a vision for everything! She was so easy to work with, she explains poses in a way that’s understandable and effortless. She’s down to earth and a breeze throughout the whole process!"

Describe your session experience.

"My experience was AMAZING, I personally love trying new things and thinking outside of the box! Angel was the same way so she was an absolute joy work with! I would shoot with her a million times again!"

How did you feel after your session?

"I was practically jumping out of my skin so ready to see my images! I knew I was going to love them so much already! Boudoir is such a freeing experience! It makes you feel like you can take on the world!"

What were your thoughts when seeing your photos?

"My jaw was literally dropped to the floor in awe!!! Angel produces a magazine worthy quality without over editing! She is absolutely amazing at what she does! She thinks out every detail. It’s a gift and it shows in the outcome!! Which made the photos THAT much more amazing!"

What would you say to someone on the fence about booking a boudoir session?

"JUST DO IT!!! You will NOT regret it one bit!! Boudoir is SO much more than pictures in sexy outfits!! It’s more than a body type or standard! It’s about seeing YOUrself, the way intended! So that YOU can FEEL as beautiful as you are! A man can tell you you’re beautiful a million times and you’ll never believe him... until you see if for yourself... show yourself your inner goddess!! You know she’s in there!"

Boudoir Huntsville

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