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Victorian Vampire Set

It's my favorite time of year, ya'll! Halloweeeeeeeeen! And that means a new set here at Flashdoll. I decided to do a Victorian Vampire set, inspired by the movie Interview with a Vampire with a dash of Possum Kingdom by the Toadies. And an interesting fact: I am actually allergic to sunlight. *hiss* So this set is truly near and dear to my black, cold heart.

My studio is pretty small, but that doesn't stop this kid. I used a lot of items I already had around the house to put this together. The coffin itself is made out of foamboard.

I lined the top of the foamboard with foam to create the illusion of thickness. Then I draped everything with fabric... from scraps, curtains, and even lace tops. I then filled it with red tulle, rose petals, and skulls.

Now it's time to create magic. I had the most vampy model I know stop by for some test shots. Below are some before and afters that you can sink your teeth into.

This set will remain up throughout October and then it will be retired for the time being. If you are interested in booking one of these sessions, please contact me and we will get you scheduled!

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