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Why you should pose nude

Posing nude can be an incredibly empowering, nerve-wrecking, liberating, and heart racing experience. It requires a sense of vulnerability and bravery. Peeling away the layers of clothing can feel symbolic of shedding away fear and negativity. Here's five reasons you should give it a try...

1. Because it makes you vulnerable--stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to self reflection and growth.

2. It can feel empowering. Posing nude can help you appreciate your body and boost your self esteem.

3. You'll see yourself from a different point of view. When you look in the mirror, you're only getting a two dimensional view at angles that are probably not flattering.

4. Because it's fun! It's not just a photo session, it is an experience!

5. Because YOU are a work of art. Posing nude is a wonderful way of celebrating your body and building self love. It's not about being picture perfect but instead using pictures to make you feel perfect as you are.

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