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You are Worthy Enough Right Now

When you're a boudoir photographer, you hear every excuse from those that deep down, really want to use your services but are afraid to. Here's a few of the those reasons and if this is you, here's why you should reconsider.

"I'm not confident enough"

Most women do not come into a session feeling confident. Rather than needing confidence to do a session, it is actually the session that gives you confidence.

"I don't look good enough"

Mirrors can tell lies. Seeing yourself from a new perspective can be refreshing and help you see the beauty that you didn't realize was there the entire time.

"I need to lose weight first"

No, you don't. Boudoir is a celebration of YOU, as you are. You are worthy enough right now.


You are not the scale.

You are not your dress size.

You are not defined by cellulite.

You are a work of fucking art.

You are fierce.

And you are derserving of self love.

You. Are. Worthy.

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